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        Strategic planning requires insight, hard work, and follow-through. Strategic planning is a process which is simple, conceptually. However, carrying out the process and implementing a strategic plan for long-term results is inevitably challenging.

        Dynamic Church Ministries can consult with your church or association to move through a process of developing a strategic plan. An effective strategic plan will move your organization to the next level of growth or to accomplish a specific ministry outcome.

        Initially, there will be information gathering or “listening” exercises of all key groups involved. Listening is a critical component in any strategic planning process. Through the listening process, accurate information is gathered upon which to dialogue and discern the steps for moving forward.

        A strategic plan will include an assessment of the greatest spiritual needs of the church, association and community? Additional assessment will be required of systems and conditions that will help or hinder advancement of the strategic plan. 

        Questions to ask in the process:

  1. What are the most significant ministry opportunities?
  2. What are the greatest barriers or threats to accomplishment of needed ministries?
  3. What are the greatest strengths and weaknesses?

        Once a realistic evaluation is made of the past and present health of the organization, the process moves into determining what the most viable ministry options are for the future. What will strengthen the ministry and assist in accomplishing the desired outcomes.

        For the future plans to become reality, what steps need to be made to create or update systems and support documents that will undergird the systemic changes to be implemented? Potential documents and systems to be evaluated would include the statement of faith, vision statement, mission statement, philosophy of ministry, and ministries.

        Ministry goals will be established to accomplish the desired outcomes in a realistic time period. Will it take 12 months, 1 year, 2 years or more?

Finally, a plan for implementation will be designed. What are the action steps that must be accomplished to achieve these goals?

        Bobby Gilstrap has successfully led churches, associations and a state convention through strategic planning and implementation. Every strategic plan is customized for the specific needs of the organization (church, association, other Christian ministry).

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