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Professional Sound for Live Streaming

A number of my social media followers have been asking about options to use with a mobile phone to get better quality sound when live streaming. Let me give you several options I’ve found to be helpful in a wide variety of settings.

I also recommend:

I hope this will be helpful to you as you seek to produce affordable live streaming programming with a higher quality sound. 

The Church Recovery Guide REVIEW

        Karl Vaters has written a valuable and timely tool for local church leaders with "The Church Recovery Guide" ( Vaters writes, “When times are normal, leaders inspire change. When times are disruptive, leaders provide stability.” The Church Recovery Guide outlines realistic steps that church leaders can take to help their church prosper during and following the Covid-19 pandemic crisis.

        Never before in our lifetimes have we faced such long-term disruption in society and the church. The magnitude of these disruptions has forced churches of all sizes and in all ministry contexts to shift and reevaluate the value of their ministries. Vaters addresses the leadership that is required through the disruption. We can no longer ignore the need for immediate and permanent changes. We must act and adapt. We cannot do business, or church, as usual anymore.

        Ministry during this era is wrought with instability and insecurity. Karl Vaters observes, “Adaptability is not about abandoning biblical principles. Adaptability is what Jesus, the Apostle Paul, and the early church did with such breathless ease it amazed everyone. Can’t meet in the synagogue? Use a house. Can’t meet in a house? Meet down by the river. Chased from Jerusalem because of persecution? Tell everyone about Jesus as you’re running down the highway.”

        My recommendation is that The Church Recovery Guide be read by pastors, church staff, deacons and church leadership teams. If you are a church member, this volume will make a valuable gift for your minister. 

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