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Dynamic Church Ministries provides the availability of church leader MAXcoaching. The MAXcoaching ministry is provided on a first-come, time-available basis for church leaders to help them move toward maximizing their ministries in one or more areas. Participants will prepare for the MAXcoaching session(s) by selecting one or two areas of concern / interest / process / event, etc. that will be the focus of the session. Each 30-60 minute session will focus on three (3) specific areas related to the participant’s area of interest or need:

  1. What ideas can we brainstorm together that can be utilized to maximize the effectiveness of your idea / strategy / process / event, etc.?
  2. How can you stimulate your group or team to personal and cumulative excellence in this area? What must be done to transform what may already be strong, into something superb?
  3. What must be done strategically to inspire others to be committed to accomplish this goal or objective together in the future? 
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