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6 Prayer Points for Souls During the Super Bowl

Here are 6 PRAYER Points for you to pray for others who are wanting to share the Gospel of salvation with unbelievers while watching the Super Bowl together:

  1. Pray for an opportunity to talk to them about your relationship with Jesus.

  2. Pray for open hearts and minds to receive the message of the Gospel during the event.

  3. Pray for wisdom and guidance in sharing the love of Christ in a respectful and meaningful way.

  4. Pray for the event to be filled with fellowship, understanding, and opportunities for spiritual conversations.

  5. Pray for the safety and success of the gathering, that it may be a powerful opportunity for outreach and community impact.

  6. Pray for the halftime to be a time of spiritual value and reflection, that it may present opportunities to share the Gospel in a meaningful way.

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